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August 8th, 2014

Here’s How They Fixed That! – Week 3

The Find It – Fix It Challenge entry we highlighted this week was the Reroll/Retrim Carpet. Prior to the job being fixed, the operator had to lift a 23-pound trimming tool to trim the edge of carpet. Our readers had some great suggestions as to how they’d fix the job. One of our favorites is from Adrian. He says:

“If trimming the carpet could not be done prior to installation, another solution could be to place the 23-pound trimming tool on a fixture that would allow the operator to guide it during trimming.”

Cetgo_afterLet’s see how they fixed that job!

Solution Description:

The 23-pound trimmer was replaced with a 1-pound edge trimmer and the carpet was raised off the floor. Now, the operator can trim the edges while in a neutral, standing posture.

Be sure to come back Monday for the next round of “How’d They Fix That?”