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March 28th, 2014

Highlights from The Applied Ergonomics Conference

by Greg Cresswell, CPE

The Applied Ergonomics Conference was in Orlando, FL this week, and the slogan was “Practitioners talking with practitioners.”  It truly was a great mix of academia and industry coming together to share key learnings, successes, and where the field needs to grow.

Two sessions that really stood out were:AECLogo_2014

  • The keynote address by Dr. Colin Drury (University of Buffalo) who reminded everyone that reducing injuries is only part of what ergonomics really is.  Ergonomics is optimizing the entire system, which includes reducing errors, reducing wasted motion, and ultimately designing for people’s capabilities—both physically and cognitively.
  • The roundtable discussion,”The Keys to Creating an Ergonomics Culture,” led by Davana Pilczuk (Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation) and Stephen Jenkins (Cintas).  This interactive session helped practitioners clarify their goals, identify their constraints, and pinpoint the steps that are needed in order to achieve those goals.  The session was for companies that are at any stage of maturity in their ergonomics process.

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