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December 3rd, 2019

Holiday Gifts for the Office Worker

The days are getting shorter, the air is getting colder, and many office workers are facing the year-end crunch. This holiday season, why not brighten the cubicle of the office worker in your life with a practical gift they can use all year long? Here are a few gift suggestions from our team.

  • Kelly, IT engineer, recommends noise-cancelling headphones. Even in a quiet office, they can do wonders for blocking out ambient noises, like the HVAC system, and let you concentrate. Ryan, consultant, recommends Bose Quiet Comfort.
  • Customer Success Specialist Samantha recommends wireless headphones to listen to your favorite tunes without disturbing your co-workers, and without the hassle of a cord! Apple AirPods are a popular choice.
  • Know someone who complains of discomfort after days of heavy computer work? A vertical mouse could really help them out! Jennie, managing consultant, likes the Anker Vertical Mouse, while Kelly recommends the Logitech MX.
  • Director of Implementation Greg recommends a wireless phone charger. Don’t worry about your phone running out of juice when you can just set it on its charger whenever you’re at your desk. The Moshi Otto Q has a professional look for the office and works with Apple and Samsung phones.
  • Kelsey, consultant, recommends a clip-on mirror for the cubicle. In a busy office, it can help you see someone walking up behind you while you’re working, so you won’t be startled.
  • Sheila, ergonomics administrative coordinator, likes the Logitech K360 keyboard because it is a compact, wireless keyboard that doesn’t feel cramped while you are typing. Sheila and Tiffany, consultants, both recommend the Brydge keyboard as a good alternative to the Microsoft Surface Pro keyboard.
  • For a stocking stuffer, Tiffany recommends a mousepad with keyboard shortcuts. There are plenty of options for PC and Mac, and for programs like Excel, Word, and Photoshop.

Wishing you a very happy holiday season and a safe and healthy new year!