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December 5th, 2018

Holiday Lifting Tips: Design Out the Risk

Most office workers don’t consider the task of lifting part of their job description. During the holiday season, they should. If you’re on the social or activities committee, you’ll most likely find yourself lifting and carrying heavy ornament boxes and giant wreaths. The last thing you need is your arm in a sling, or worse, on bed rest from an overexertion injury.

When completing a holiday task below, take a moment to “design out” the risk. Think about the weight and size of the object you’ll be lifting and the distance it needs to be moved before tackling the project.

  • When retrieving holiday decorations from storage, test the weight of the load before fully lifting it. When packing up the decorations after the season, don’t overload the boxes: use two or three containers instead of one. If storing the containers on a shelving unit, place the heaviest items on a middle shelf.
  • ‘Tis the season for giving! If your office food or toy drive was a success, you’ll be delivering a lot of items to a local charity. Ease the transferring of materials by using a dolly to move heavy items, like cases of canned food, to the exit nearest your car. Also, pull your car up to the door to minimize carrying distances.
  • Office holiday parties often require a lot of catered food. Yum! If the caterer isn’t allowed past the turnstiles, you might be carrying the food from the lobby to the party location. Trays of food can be awkward to handle (and hot), so think about the best way to transfer it and secure it so it doesn’t end up all over the floor! Use a cart or find a friend or two to help.

If you have a lot of lifting to do this holiday season, ask for help. Many hands make light work!