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Written by: humantech on July 28th, 2014

Last week, we posted the first in a series of blog posts, “How’d They Fix That?”  To recap, each Monday we’ll post the “before” picture and the brief description of a problem job from a past *Find It – Fix It Challenge™ entry. During the week, we want to hear how you would fix that job. Enter your solution in the “Leave a Reply” text box below.

"Before" photo

“Before” photo

Job Task:
Screwing a nut on an eye bolt

Problem Description:
The technician was required to hand-turn a nut ¾ of the way down an eye bolt. To complete the job, the technician had to use excessive force and was in an awkward posture. This task is performed 240 times a day. How would you fix this job?

Here’s the actual fix!

*The Find It – Fix It Challenge runs  through September 12th. Submit your winning entry today!

2 responses to “How’d They Fix That? – Week 2”

  1. It looks like this job has a lot of repetitive, awkward postures. It seems like there would be a better way to do this……

  2. I would also imagine that it takes a significant amount of time to do this job, especially if they do a lot of them.

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