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Written by: humantech on August 4th, 2014

Check out the problem job, “Reroll/Retrim Carpet,” from a past Find It – Fix It Challenge™ entry. Tell us how’d you fix that job  in the “Leave a Reply” text box below. On Friday, we’ll post how the company fixed the job!

"Before" photo

“Before” photo

Job Task:
Reroll/Retrim Carpet

Problem Description:
The operator had to lift a 23-pound trimming tool to trim the edge of carpet.

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Here’s how they fixed this job!





4 responses to “How’d They Fix That? – Week 3”

  1. Matt Gilliam says:

    Can we raise the work off of the ground to promote neutral leg, back, and neck postures? An adjustable height table is ideal to accommodate different operators.

  2. Ronald Slater says:

    It appears from the picture that an adjustable counterbalance arm would remove the 23 lbs weight from the equation leaving the issue of guiding the tool. Without more information I would assume that a pair of anti-vibration gloves could also provide another level of safety while removing a potential injury. The posture of the operator looks questionable but without more detail I don’t want to create more issues.

  3. Adrian says:

    If trimming the carpet could not be done prior to installation, another solution would be to place the 23 lb trimming tool on a fixture that allowed the operator to guide it during trimming.

  4. Joseph More says:

    I would have a pole hyster put the roll in an automatic cradle and unroll the carpet on a platform that is waist high with stairs, in case of the need to chalk the carpet. The trimmer would never have to be lifted on guided. One trimmer on each side.

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