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Written by: humantech on August 25th, 2014

The Timken Company took top honors in the 2011 Find It – Fix It Challenge with its “Bull Gear Deburring Fixture”  entry. Tell us how’d you fix that job in the “Leave a Reply” text box below. On Friday, we’ll post how the company fixed the job!

"Before" Photo

“Before” Photo

Job Task:
Bull Gear Deburring Fixture

Problem Description:
Prior to the improvement, the operator had to lift a 400 lb gear multiple times to deburr (a finishing method in which rough edges of metal are smoothed) it. The operator had to bend over to grind the edges off  the gear teeth.

Here’s how they fixed that job!

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One response to “How’d They Fix That? – Week 6”

  1. mjormacon says:

    The first thing needing to be addressed is the fact that the gear should be attached to a holding device enabling the employee to be standing in a upright posture. The holding device should have capability to rotate clockwise or counterclockwise giving the employee the ability to grind in a comfortable position. With the ability to rotate the gear facing the inside the employee never has to grind with the gear being to high or to low.

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