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November 5th, 2012

Humantech Announces Find It – Fix It Challenge™ Winners

Find It - Fix It Challenge LogoCongratulations to The Terex Company Ariel Work Platforms Division in Huron, SD as the winner of Humantech’s 2012 Find It – Fix It Challenge! Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company in San Angelo, TX and Senior Aerospace Metal Bellows Division in Sharon, MA received honorable mentions.  We would like to thank all of the Humantech clients that submitted over 150 entries to this year’s Challenge.

The winning improvement from Terex focused on the posture and comfort of a worker during the fabrication of a pedestal. To complete this task, he had to climb inside a shell and weld vertical gussets, and a top plate, to a metal shell while lying down. Seven pedestals are fabricated at this station each day with each pedestal taking 10 minutes to complete. The worker performed this operation in a hot environment for more than 70 minutes a day and often complained of contact stress to the legs.

To improve the task, the company engineered a table to support the pedestal in an upright position. This allowed the worker to weld the components while sitting upright. This fix eliminated both the “Butts Up” posture and “Contact” stress, and improved cycle time by 20 minutes. View the Terex before and after photos.

View the recorded webinar announcing the 2012 winners and highlighting the fixes submitted by all 15 finalists.