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November 7th, 2016

Humantech Asks: Does Your Company Budget for Ergonomics?

At Humantech, we know that when a company supports continuous improvement activities that include ergonomics training, and ergonomic design and improvement events, these good poll2 things happen across the organization:

  • positive employee engagement
  • reduced waste and cost
  • improved product quality
  • faster rates of production
  • better customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • fewer injuries
  • more profit

However, we recognize that not all organizations make ergonomics a priority. During the month of October, we asked our readers to weigh on this question:

Does Your Company Budget for Ergonomics? (training, fixes, etc.)

Survey Says…

Of the 54 readers surveyed, 62% said “Yes” their company budgets for ergonomics, and 38% replied “No” their company doesn’t fund ergonomic improvements and training.

Does your organization budget for ergonomics?

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At your company, which departments quantify the value from ergonomics?

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