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October 18th, 2017

Humantech Asks: Predictive Analytics

 In last month’s Humantech Asks, we asked readers: Is your company using predictive analytics to pinpoint MSD risk factors?

Surprisingly, only 28% of voters said “Yes”, thus 72% replied “No”.

Why Use Predictive Analytics?

Using predictive analytics to identify MSD risks enables an organization to anticipate future injuries before they occur.

For more insight into the value of predictive analytics, I chatted with my colleague and Colorado neighbor, Jennie Dustin, CPE.

“Unfortunately, many companies not using predictive analytics still go with the ‘spray and pray’ approach to fixing workstations, and ultimately find that they run out of time and money to fix things.” Dustin says not focusing resources and efforts in the high risk areas can lead to frustration, and results in companies not seeing the value of an ergonomics process because they may still be seeing high injury and illness rates, or reports of discomfort.

Conversely, “by doing risk assessments that identify the highest risk processes and jobs, you can better prioritize and dedicate precious resources where most needed: where the high risks are,” she explains

Dustin notes that using predictive analytics also helps an organization make smart future decisions. “For example, if you’re ordering new equipment, and you know that your current equipment has resulted in high levels of risk, you can modify future equipment to ensure you’re not introducing new risk into a work area. You can then do a risk assessment on the new equipment to verify that risk levels are low.”