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February 26th, 2014

Humantech Seeks Companies for 2014 Benchmarking Study

Humantech is seeking participants for its fifth benchmarking study on current and effective methods for managing ergonomic conditions in the workplace. This study will focus on the resources (people, time, and money) in which sites invest and the results achieved by the ergonomics program (injury reduction, productivity and quality improvements, employee retention, etc.). The goal of the study is to better quantify the return on investment (ROI) of site programs.

U.S.-based, site-specific ergonomics programs are needed to perform this study. “We are looking for participants from sites with established ergonomics programs that are focused on manufacturing and production tasks. Participants should be interested in comparing their program with those in other industries,” says Walt Rostykus, Vice President of Humantech. To maintain company confidentiality, participants are identified by industry type and size; their names are kept anonymous.  Walt adds, “A maximum of 35 companies will be selected for the study, and all companies who volunteer to participate will receive a full copy of the summary report upon its completion.”  Individuals interested in participating in the latest study should contact Walt Rostykus at by March 31, 2014.