There’s a smarter way to assess jobs for MSD risk. Sensorless motion-capture technology, powered by Kinetica Labs, harnesses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help you accurately assess jobs and quickly capture real-time ergonomics data with the camera on any mobile device. We invite you to demo this game-changing technology today.


Humantech Industrial Ergonomics is an all-in-one solution for managing workplace ergonomics in production and assembly environments.

By combining online training and smart assessment tools, expert-led site improvement events, and a powerful management database, your organization will have everything necessary to deploy, monitor, and manage the ergonomics process, from one to hundreds of locations.

Who uses Humantech Ergonomics?

The Humantech solution allows your people to learn only what they need when they need to, and revisit an online course at any time.

38k Users Trained
163k Job Assessments
20 Languages Supported

Humantech® Industrial Ergonomics
has three key components


Online Training

Build knowledge quickly. With access to interactive online training modules covering everything from principles of ergonomics to design guidelines, you can choose which modules are appropriate for your teams. The best part is that your employees will learn the essential elements of ergonomics as they need it, and be able to re-fresh their knowledge or add someone to the team at any time.

  • Interactive, focused e-learning
  • Multiple languages
  • Checkpoints for learning verification


The Job Improvement Process

Gain skills to assess and fix jobs. Knowledge can be taught, but skills must be practiced. Once the online training is finished, your teams will work closely with our certified professional ergonomists to assess and improve problem jobs. You might call it a workshop, but we like to think of it as getting things done.

Humantech Industrial Ergonomics provides users with online tools to capture assessment details:

  • Risk analysis
  • Root cause analysis
  • Action plans
  • Risk reduction results


Data and Reporting

Verify and track progress. With Humantech Industrial Ergonomics, process owners can easily monitor the activities of the ergonomics team, track the status of improvement plans, and generate reports, such as:

  • Risk maps – to prioritize jobs by department, site, business unit, or enterprise
  • Improvement reports – to track the status of improvement plans for individual jobs, a site, a business unit, or an enterprise
  • Training status – to monitor teams’ progress through the training modules
  • Root cause – to target the cause rather than the symptom of your risk

Why Humantech Ergonomics?

  • Consistent: Ergonomics team members can change over time. The on-demand e-learning provides consistent, up-to-date content whenever and wherever you need it. The assessment tools ensure a common way to measure risk.
  • Visible: The easy-to-use, highly-visual system includes scoring and reporting tools for employees and managers. Real-time data highlights trends.
  • Actionable: Knowing and doing are two different things when it comes to making improvements. The System drives your team to complete assessments, prioritize issues and assign tasks.
  • Quick to implement: The unique combination of online training and expert-led site improvement events helps your team build knowledge and skills quickly, cutting classroom time in half.
  • Engages many: The Humantech system is not just used by one expert. It involves many, from shop floor ergonomics teams, to managers, to leadership.
  • Data-driven: You can categorize issues and push the ergonomics process upstream to “design out” the risk of injury.
  • Ergonomics done right®: Research has proven that ergonomics has positive effects on productivity, quality, employee engagement, and even stock performance.

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