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Automotive Ergonomics


Design Out the Risk of MSDs

The unique aspects of the automotive industry can pose significant challenges for the worker. Complex assembly processes, repetitive work, varied tooling and workstation set ups can lead to a high risk of musculoskeletal disorders.

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Humantech Ergonomics seamlessly integrates with your continuous improvement process.

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A Systematic Approach

Our all-in-one software solution with on-site expertise provides a consistent, visible, and sustainable ergonomics process. Twenty languages support your global initiatives.

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Fast & Accurate Results

Through artificial intelligence, our smart assessments help you collect data with a video from any mobile device to quickly and accurately assess jobs.

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Design Guidelines for Engineers

Built-in ergonomic design guidelines for multiple populations take the guess work out of optimizing workstation layout for your employees.

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Success Story

E-book: Ergonomics for the Automotive Industry

The unique aspects of automotive manufacturing are also the keys to success when it comes to addressing workplace ergonomics. Designing your ergonomics program around a continuous improvement approach, while incorporating the design-in/design-out methodology, will help you realize solid results, improve the lives of your employees, and ultimately save valuable production time.