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October 2nd, 2008

Is it Ergonomics?

When you slap the word "ergonomic" on your product, how much pricing power do you think it provides you?

There are certainly REAL products that deliver REAL ergonomic benefits to the user, but it seems more and more that the word ergonomic is just synonymous with expensive.

For example, here’s something from the folks over at Planet Shoes

Camper: Where Trendy Form Meets Smart Function

Ergoshoes_2 "While Camper holds true to its origins in comfort and durability, a number of their pairs put fashion forward and can keep up with the trendiest designers out there. A great example, the Camper Twins Paint – a charming pair of shoeties, or are they boot shoes?

These patent leather confections answer the trend of today with classis black and white styling. An elegant 3 inch heel and an ergonomic sole mean you’ll look gorgeous and feel comfortable – the ultimate combination!"

How about the "ergo-gun" from TechLime:

ErgogunYes, it’s a real gun and it’s called the "Palm Pistol" and its specifically designed to offer "An Ergonomically Alternative Way to Shoot Someone."

Ergotv_2 Over at CrunchGear, we learn of the monitor (the NEC Multi-Sync EA241WM)  with four-way ergonomic capabilities (height, swivel, tilt, pivot).

And finally, in a nod to the completely absurd, from Daily Nexus comes  a discussion on the ergonomic qualities of the bong:

"Also, consider the ergonomics of the piece. The classic, straight, tube style bongs will be knocked over easily due to a small base and a high center of gravity. Beaker bottoms (cone shaped) are most stable due to large bases and low center of gravity. Hold the piece in your hand. Does it feel weighted right? You don’t want a piece that is awkward to pass or too big to fit in your lap. Those qualities are what get bongs dropped. Don’t forget to consider the functionality of any artwork on the piece. I’m sure that seven-inch dragon’s wing sticking off the base looked real cool right up until it hitched a ride on your friend’s sweatshirt, sending it plunging to the floor"

Good advice, I’m sure. But is it ergonomics?