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March 28th, 2008

Is yours a House of Pain?

House_of_pain_3   Yesterday in Got Boondoggle, Mike raises an issue that is near and dear to The 30-Inch View and that is the risk of injury from bending and lifting. As he points out, this isn’t just a manufacturing issue, its a problem anywhere people and work come together.

Humantech VP, James Mallon comment on Mike’s post was worth posting here as well:

"This topic is worth much consideration – thanks for bringing it forward. The injury is not the only outcome of poorly designed manual handling tasks, it just happens to be the most tangible – funny how pain manages to bring work design issues to light and the one that requires action.
Another unspoken concept is that repetitive bending to pick up items requires more effort (placing unnecessary burden on worker), creates less engagement (I have yet to see someone rush to complete tasks which cause them discomfort or pain) and, here’s the big one; bending takes more time!! A good rule of thumb is that every 6” a human moves requires about 0.2 seconds. Doesn’t seem like a lot, but it adds up."

Does your company look at this issue as a safety issue or more broadly as an operational issue?

Photo credit: roybos69