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April 9th, 2010

Jordan Barab addresses the future of OSHA & ergonomics


When OSHA Deputy Assistant Secretary Jordan Barab addressed the All-Ohio Safety Congress on March 31st, he specifically mentioned ergonomics as one of the biggest challenges to businesses and a leading cause of injuries to workers.

Humantech VP Josh Kerst had a few minutes to speak with Mr. Barab immediately following his keynote.

A summary of the encounter from Josh:

– “We will get something done for ergonomics” was the general message – he mentioned how important it was to get the OSHA 300 MSD recordkeeping column into effect. Josh’s best guess is that the enforcement will come through existing legislation rather than something entirely new and the OSHA 300 Log will be the target.

– When Josh asked Mr. Barab about the timeframe for an ergonomics standard he stressed that “OSHA has to consider it along with all the other priorities right now”, and didn’t commit to a specific date.

– Mr. Barab mentioned how important real feedback is for the standard development process and challenged Josh not to let associations speak for individuals.

– Josh mentioned that in the past Humantech had been part of the town hall meeting panels
along with Dr. Marras (Ohio State University) and industry reps last time a standard was being promulgated. Josh then asked if they were going to consider these types of activities. The response was “Yes, plus much more”.

– Mr. Barab ended the discussion by encouraging Josh and others to “get involved” any way possible.

Thanks Josh for the update!