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Written by: humantech on August 5th, 2015

We still get asked this question a lot. Should you replace your office chair with one of those large exercise (swiss) balls? The answer is no according to our board-certified professional ergonomist, Greg Cresswell.

Here are some of the reasons why:

      • They are not sustainable for long durations, you’re just as likely to slouch.
      • They are shown to increase pressure on the spine and can cause soft tissue compression.
      • They are not height-adjustable and have no back support.
      • There are numerous safety concerns.

A better choice? Use a fully-adjustable office chair and rotate between sitting and standing throughout the day.

One response to “Just Say No to Exercise Balls in the Office”

  1. Thank you for the video analysis. I have had this question recently from several individuals that I work with and will share this video with them. We are trying to integrate ergonomic best practices as well in our office space.

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