Ergonomics done right.®
February 20th, 2009

LEED® and the Ergonomics Credit

For over thirty years we’ve worked with the best companies in America to build and support effective ergonomics initiatives in their workplaces. All the while we’ve been promoting, pushing, badgering and cajoling them to move past viewing ergonomics as a reactionary workers compensation matter, rather to integrate the reduction or elimination of ergonomic risk by being proactive and including it in planning and design phases.

Still there is broad opposition from the naysayers who see ergonomics as costly and based on flawed science.


We recently found an example of the ergonomics profession finally recognized for its contribution to business value, although not from  the source we would expect…


Imagine our (pleasant) surprise when its recognition comes not from industry but from the US Green Building Council and their excellent LEED certification program.


With the launch of LEED 2009, the USGBC has recognized the value of workplace ergonomics as a proactive process. The Innovation in Design Process category provides for five possible points and one point can now be obtained for designs that promote good ergonomic design for existing or planned workspaces.


We commend them on their vision.


The USGBC has mountains of great information at