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March 11th, 2008

Live from the Applied Ergonomics Conference

Josh Kerst, Humantech Vice President, is taking part in the Applied Ergonomics Conference in Orlando, FL this week and he’ll be sharing some of his insights with us over the next few days.

"Practitioners talking with practitioners" is the recurring theme for this annual gathering in Orlando. Over 600 professionals engaged in the field of ergonomics are discussing the essential elements of successful programs that measureably improve productivity, safety and profitability for their companies. For many of us it is also a chance to rekindle old friendships, meet new people in our field or even track down past acquaintances that may have shifted organizations.

Some important themes that are coming out of this year’s presentations and networking sessions are around the concurrent integration of lean manufacturing with health & safety as companies are improving their workplace. In addition, many people are looking for the next advantage to go from good to great and I must have heard the word "benchmarking" used no less than a dozen times today by people at the coffee bar this morning.

Highlights to come…