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December 7th, 2010

Live from the National Ergo Conference in Las Vegas!


Hello everyone!

We are here at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas for the 2010 National Ergo Expo.  Attendance looks to be very strong this year, and the quality of the talks has been outstanding.  Some of the more advanced topics addressed include “Green Ergonomics” and the integration with the LEED Certification, as well as some detailed program management case studies from companies like Cummins, Southwest Airlines and Kaiser Permanente.

Yesterday, I attended a talk by Dana Root entitled “OSHA and Ergonomics: An Update”.  Dana is a Regional Ergonomics Coordinator for OSHA.  A few things I learned:

  • It is unlikely that there will be a federal ergonomics standard anytime soon.  Ergonomics will continue to fall under the General Duty Clause.  This was attributed to the “political football game” that ergonomics represents.
  • The much-discussed MSD column on the OSHA 300 log has no defined timeline for roll-out.  For now, it is “on hold”.
  • There have only been 24 citations given under the General Duty Clause for ergonomics violations since 2003.  Of those, all but 8 are from Extended Care or Nursing Homes, and 3 are beverage handling and delivery.  However, almost 5000 Ergonomic Hazard Alert Letters have been sent and followed-up on.
  • As most people suspected, a recent investigation by the Government Accoutability Office revealed that safety incentive programs do more harm than good when it comes to accuracy of injury data

Anyway, off to talk about “Ergonomics and Design Guidelines” in this morning’s session.  If you are here, please drop by and say hello!