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January 22nd, 2014

Melissa Fish Shares 4 Keys to Ergonomics Success

Quad/Graphics logoIn January’s ErgoAccelerator E-News, we interviewed Melissa Fish, corporate ergonomics lead for Quad/Graphics. Below, she shares four quick tips for success when rolling out a company-wide program.

  1. Make sure your company is committed. “Without commitment and support from all levels of the organization, any process set up will fail.”
  2. Tie the ergonomics process and solutions to drivers such as quality or productivity. “If you can prove that improving a process and/or task not only decreases the ergonomic risk factors but speaks to other business values, you’ll often have an easy sell.”
  3. Involve operators in the assessment process. “You can gain trust and buy-in if employees participate. In turn, they often end up advocating solutions to their co-workers.”
  4. Test solutions before they are implemented. “Ask the employees to try each solution for a few weeks prior to making a final judgment. It often takes time for employees to adjust before the process is completed.”