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Written by: humantech on July 20th, 2012

by Winnie Ip, CPE

Though you can read a lot about motorcycle safety, it’s not often you come across motorcycle ergonomics.  In my quest to find a new bike, I found a neat website, Cycle-Ergo, that uses human anthropometrics to help you determine riding posture (knee and forward lean angle) for any motorcycle or scooter. The simulator gives you options to customize:

  • Rider Dimensions: Stature (height) and Inseam
  • Vehicle Customization: Handlebar rise, Handlebar pull-back, Seat rise
  • Additional Options: Metric values, Feet on/off ground, Center image on seat, Arm Straightness, Placement on seat (center/front/back)

Looks like the Ducati Monster might work for me after all.

Happy (and safe) riding season to all!

3 responses to “Motorcycle Ergonomics?”

  1. Wayne Smith says:

    Dint know you were a biker Winnie. We have quite a few over here as well. Fact is, two of our ergo people are bikers and I’m one of them. Are you going to ride your new duck over here or do you not have it yet? : )

  2. Winnie Ip says:

    That would be quite the trek for me considering I’d have to traverse across 7-8 states to get to Washington! Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten the new ride yet – who knew Monsters would be so hard to come by? I guess I started looking too late in the season. Looks like it might have to wait until 2013!

  3. Wayne Smith says:

    My bad, I wasn’t thinking. For some reason I was thinking your were in Seattle. I know, DUH!!

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