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December 16th, 2015

NECE Summary: Five Keys to Employee Engagement

Melissa Fish, Ergonomics Lead for Quad/Graphics, delivered an excellent presentation entitled, “Empowering Employees and Advancing the Ergonomics Process” at the recent National Ergonomics MelissaFishConference & Expo. She started by describing the Quad/Graphics culture, values, and leadership model, as well as their need for a systematic and proactive approach to ergonomics to support their expanding business.

To support their needs, Quad/Graphics deployed The Humantech System and conducted employee-driven improvement workshops at 16 locations.  Melissa described her five key learnings from this process:

  1. Culture – Understand your organization’s culture and deploy an ergonomics approach that compliments it.
  2. Team – Pick the right team of cross-functional employees that possess the can do attitude and the “MacGyver” skills.
  3. Fixes – Focus on fixes and use internal resources/expertise to get it done.
  4. Integrate – Incorporate the employee-driven ergonomic initiative into ongoing continuous improvement events.
  5. Communicate– Share best practices across sites and recognize employee contributions in front of their peers.

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