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Written by: Cecelia Chan on November 16th, 2016

Finding the right backpack should be a relatively easy task, right? Find the one that is stylish, has enough capacity to hold your belongings, take it to the checkout and pay for it, right? I recently purchased a new back pack/laptop bag for work—actually 5 different ones—and tried them all on for size.

As an ergonomist, and frequent traveler, both function and style are important attributes to consider. My list of must have’s included:

  1. Wheels (as in a rolling backpack)
  2. Compartmentalized storage for holding laptop and other measurement equipment
  3. Enough storage space, but not overly big
  4. Comfortable shoulder straps
  5. Durable material
  6. Aesthetics

The requirements above helped me find a backpack that would meet the demands of rigorous overseas travel and daily work. Below are the backpacks I tested and my evaluation of them. All backpacks cost $80-150.  (Note: I did not receive compensation for reviewing these backpacks, nor am I endorsing any particular company.)

Backpack comparison chart - Humantech

My final pick: Samsonite Wheeled Computer Backpack. So far it has held up in performance. What are your requirements for a backpack? Share with us by commenting on this blog post.

2 responses to “Need a Rolling Backpack? Read This.”

  1. Debra Scheffler says:

    Thank you for posting this information! I have just started to receive requests for the best backpack/rolling case recommendations from our home health nursing department. This information will be very helpful to share with them for making an informed purchase. Keep up the great work!

  2. Debra Scheffler says:

    1. Did the wheel mechanism add a lot of weight to the backpack? 2. Do the wheels come in contact with your clothes when used as a backpack? Wondering if this is an issue, especially in snow or rain when moving from wheeling to backpacking.

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