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July 22nd, 2015

New Study Supports Management System Approach to Ergonomics

Walt_ClientA recent study funded by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (Ontario) and published by Yazdani et al. in Applied Ergonomics concluded that “Incorporating MSD prevention into tools and techniques used by other stakeholders within an organization will likely increase awareness and improve communication with respect to MSD prevention”. This finding, based on review of 21 published studies, is consistent to the findings of Humantech’s benchmarking studies of best practice in managing workplace ergonomics to prevent MSDs.


Our approach and practice is based on:

  • a focus on managing and reducing MSD risk,
  • following a continuous improvement model (e.g. Plan-Do-Check-Act), and
  • aligning the ergonomics improvement process with a process or system familiar to the organization (e.g. Safety Management System, Continuous Improvement, etc.).

The Yazdani et al. study found that, despite the little information available in peer-reviewed literature, “incorporating MSD prevention into organizational level approaches could improve production in addition to preserving workers’ health in workplaces.” In addition, “Bringing ergonomics as a means of preventing MSD into organizations’ overall safety and injury prevention approach, incorporating it into organizations’ management systems, and avoiding “silos” appears to be highly desirable.”

Download this whitepaper summarizing the findings from Humantech’s most recent benchmarking study of ergonomics program management practices.

Source for the Yazdani et al. study is:
Yazdani. A., Neumann, P., Imbeau, D., Bigelow, p., Pagell, M., Wells., 2015 Prevention of musculoskeletal disorders within management systems: A scoping review of practices, approaches, and techniques. Applied Ergonomics 51 (2015) 255-262