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January 13th, 2015

New Survey Results on Managing Ergonomics with Techonology

Benchmarking_cover_The_Role_of_Technology_400x425Humantech recently published the results of a new survey that examined  the use of technology in ergonomics.  The Role of Technology in Managing Ergonomics Programs survey was part of an ongoing process to better understand the practices of managing occupational ergonomics in today’s workplaces. This effort focused on the resource, time, and financial investments made to improve ergonomics, and the results achieved in the performance of safety, quality, productivity, and employee retention. The survey examined specific types of applications and the investment needed to support use.

According to Humantech Vice President, Walt Rostykus, “One of the greatest challenges in managing ergonomics in today’s workplace is the administration of program data. The current ergonomics software solutions really help, plus they make records available to all people at all sites in real time.”

The survey consisted of 14 questions and was completed by participants from 195 companies, representing a variety of industries and workplaces. The questions addressed the use of computer programs, online training, handheld devices, and other technology used in current processes. The questions can be found in the appendix of the survey report. Download the complimentary report now, and let us know your thoughts.