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March 29th, 2014

New Video: Three Tips for Ergonomics Success

Humantech ergonomist, Mike Hoonhorst, presented a full-day workshop last week at the 2014 Ohio Health and Safety Congress and Expo entitled, “The Essential Tools to Kick Start Your Ergonomics Process”. At the conclusion of the event, several of the participants asked Mike, “Now that we have all of these great tools, what do we do next?” Mike shares his response in this short video.

In summary, here are Mike’s three tips:
1. Create a cross-functional team to help you do assessments. Make sure to include engineering and maintenance employees.
2. Find an easy way to manage your data. Use an online system or another internal system that is already in place at your company.
3. Make success measurable. Use leading metrics (number of improvements implemented) rather than lagging metrics (injury data).