New Video Shares Key to Maximizing the Investment of Adjustable Office Workstations

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ANN ARBOR, Mich. – VelocityEHS, the global leader in cloud-based environment, health, safety (EHS) and sustainability solutions, shares its newest Humantech video “Adjustable Office Workstations: How to Maximize the Investment” in its blog series, The Bottom Line. Certified Professional Ergonomist and Research Lead Blake McGowan shares a recent study that highlights the value of providing office ergonomics training when installing adjustable office workstations and flexible workplaces, including the positive impacts it has on employee well-being and performance.

Research Scientist Michelle Robertson and her colleagues from the Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety conducted the longitudinal field study* on a large group of office employees over a nine-month period.

Participants were provided with equipment in one of three groups:

  1. Control: a traditional workstation or cubicle
  2. Workplace: adjustable workstations and a flexible workplace
  3. Workplace and Training: an adjustable workstation, a flexible workplace, and office ergonomics training

The two key findings were:

  • Participants in the “Workplace” group experienced better well-being and performance, including improved computing postures and less muscle discomfort.
  • Participants in the “Workplace and Training” group received greater benefits than those in the “Workplace” group.

Providing adjustable workstations is just the first step to optimizing employee well-being and performance. “To maximize both the employees’ benefits and the return on investment, organizations need to provide office ergonomics training. On average, companies invest $2,500 per person on equipment. Aren’t just a few more dollars to train them worth it?” asks McGowan.

To watch the video, visit the Humantech blog or YouTube page.

In each Bottom Line video, McGowan translates an ergonomics research study into simple takeaways that can be immediately transferred and used in the workplace. Topics range from understanding the causal factors of musculoskeletal disorders, the primary risk factors for carpal tunnel syndrome, manual material handling, employee engagement, and return on investment.

*Robertson MM, Huang YH, Lee J. (2017). Improvements in musculoskeletal health and computing behaviors: Effects of a macroergonomics office workplace and training intervention. Appl Ergon. 2017 Jul;62:182-196.

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