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July 20th, 2011

Nine Tips for Workplace Improvement

By Christy Lotz, CPE

Being a blog reader, one of the first things I try to do when writing a post is to KEEP IT SHORT!  Reading epic blog posts that require 25 scrolls on my phone is not fun. Here are some quick tips for workplace improvement:

  1. Keep the wrists neutral – Neutral wrists provide the most strength and promote blood flow.
  2. Keep it in the comfort zone – The comfort zone (aka. the strike zone) includes the area above the knees and below the shoulders.
  3. Keep heavy and frequently-used products above the knees – Get those heavy parts off the floor or skids. Placing products just about the knees, although a baby step, can go a long way towards back health.
  4. Keep it in line with the spine – Eliminate twisting wherever possible.
  5. Keep it close – Keeping loads in close to your body is very important. The farther out your reach, it becomes exponentially worse on the shoulders and back.
  6. Avoid static hold of awkward postures – Holding poor postures or high forces for long periods of time is just as bad as repetition.
  7. Eliminate contact stress –  Removing pressure on soft body tissue will increase blood flow and and bring oxygen and nutrients to the muscles.
  8. Design for a seated or standing workstation – Just putting a chair at a standing workstation, does not make it a seated workstation! Design properly for one or the other.
  9. Decrease vibration exposure – Watch out for high vibration exposure as it can increase onset of musculoskeletal disorders such as white finger.

Can you think of a 10th to round out the list??