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December 5th, 2017

It’s Not Too Late! Three Ways to Tackle Office Ergonomics This Year

As the holiday season approach and projects wind down, the office workplace quiets down as employees use their remaining vacation days. With less to do in the office, now is the time to address those office ergonomics concerns you’ve been putting off.  Listed below are three easy things you can still tackle this year to be ready for next:

  1. Implement the quick-fixes.  Order things that can be delivered and installed quickly, such as anti-fatigue matting, edge-guarding, monitor arms, or dual monitors.
  2. Train new team members.  If you’re adding staff to your team, now is the perfect time to provide ergonomics training.
  3. Prioritize first quarter action items.  Since your to-do list is dwindling and your paperwork is not piled as high, determine the most value added improvements to budget for next year. Making changes early in the year creates momentum that carries throughout the year.