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October 24th, 2012

October is National Ergonomics Month!

In 2003, the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFES) designated October of every year to be National Ergonomics Month (NEM).  The goal of National Ergonomics Month is to create awareness and promote human factors/ergonomics to corporate executives, students, and the general public by providing information and services to the community.

The NEM program is designed to promote awareness of human factors and ergonomics through grassroots, community-based activities at colleges and universities, high schools, and corporations.

Visit the HFES website to learn more about the contest for the Best NEM Action Plan. The HFES also has a NEM Honor Roll for groups and organizations who are currently reaching out to their local community.  Visit the site to watch fun and informative videos to help explain human factors and ergonomics.