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October 5th, 2011

Office Assessment Webinar Q&A

Thanks to everyone who attended our webinar yesterday, “Let’s Get Personal: The Fine Points of a One-on-One Office Ergonomics Assessment”.  Below are answers to some of your questions provided by presenter, Kent Hatcher.

Q: How do I deal with tall personnel in non-adjustable desks?

A: Those people that fall outside of the 5th percentile female or the 95th percentile male are going to require special accommodation. Our suggestion is to look for add-on height adjustable legs (like those found at AliMed), or in a pinch, use bricks or wood blocks to raise the work surface up to a fixed height that they can fit under.

Q: I get  a lot of people saying they need a new chair. Because chairs are fairly expensive, how do you address their need concern with alternatives?

A: Our recommendation is to have a choice of three appropriate chairs in a “lab” that people can come and try.  The chairs should contain all the key features (like adjustable seat pan, armrests, etc.) but should be different enough to offer people some real choice.

Q: How do I address people who DON’T want to improve their posture or habits?

Pick your battles.  There are some people that are not going to change, regardless of what you tell them.  Focus on what on you can control—the education and equipment that you provide. At some point there has to be a shared responsibility.

Q: What are your thoughts on pre-assessment questionnaires, and how effective can they be? Do you have a good template for one?

A: We see tremendous advantage in leveraging technology to help “triage” which people to see one-on-one, especially when you have dozens or even hundreds of people to assess.  There are many commercial products out there—Humantech has one called Ergopoint® Office Suite.  It includes an online training session that takes people through how to properly set up their workstation.

Q: Can you comment on handling the influx of tablets touch screen devices?

A: There is so much new information out there, that we are collecting it all for a future session I’m presenting on the Telecommuting Worker.

Q: What about treadmill workstations and exercise/swiss ball seating?

A: We get this question all the time. For our viewpoint on these and a few other items, check out the recording of a webinar we presented in June, Ergonomic Solutions:  Fad vs. Fact.