Office ergonomics done right.®

Humantech Office Ergonomics educates and empowers individuals to make instant ergonomic adjustments and achieve a healthy, comfortable, and productive workspace.

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A Total Online Solution for a Healthy and Productive Office

Musculoskeletal disorders such as back strain and carpal tunnel syndrome account for one third of workplace injury and illness costs.

Yet, research shows that less than 5% of office employees need a one-on-one assessment by an ergonomics expert.

Humantech Office Ergonomics, a software as a service (SaaS) by VelocityEHS, lets you launch, manage, and sustain your ergonomics process on your own.

88k E-Learnings Completed
13 Languages Supported
30 Minutes or Less

Why Our Solution?

  • Simple – reduces training and assessment times by 75%
  • Cost effective – reduces need for face-to-face assessments
  • Proactive – educates employees to solve their own issues
  • Management-Driven – identifies trends and tracks solutions
  • Flexible – can tailor features to your company’s needs
  • Accurate – developed by our board-certified professional ergonomists

The all-in-one web-based solution for managing ergonomics in non-industrial environments

Humantech Office Ergonomics trains employees in basic ergonomics awareness and educates and empowers individuals to identify issues and improve the ergonomic fit of their own workstations.

Now, you as the facilitator can:

  • Address hundreds or thousands of workstations in half the time
  • Monitor issues and track improvements from one to multiple locations
  • Increase workplace productivity and protect employee health

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Online training

Our web-based training and self-assessment tools to address common areas of concern and empowers individuals to identify issues and improve the ergonomic fit of their own workstations.

  • Highly interactive
  • Completed in less than 30 minutes
  • Includes knowledge checks for learning verification
  • Teaches your employees how to set up their workstations
  • Addresses the modern office and today’s technology



Data collected from the employee self-assessment helps to prioritize issues and show trends in equipment needs.

  • Addresses offices, remote and mobile work, and material handling
  • Offers instant feedback and recommendations
  • Completed in 10 minutes or less
  • Helps your people take immediate action


Analysis and reporting

And, you as the facilitator can address hundreds or thousands of workstations in half the time.

  • Shows you who needs individual assessments or follow-up
  • Helps with equipment needs and purchasing planning
  • Stores and shares follow-up assessment results and notes

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