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June 24th, 2020

Our Conferences are Canceled: Now What?

“Planning and Deploying a Large-Scale Ergonomics Process: Year by Year” was a session Kent Hatcher, director of ergonomics consulting, planned to present at the Applied Ergonomics Conference before COVID-19 caused our conferences to be canceled or postponed. As the VelocityEHS Senior Marketing Events Manager, I decided to summarize the key points of what he would have presented. Watch.

In summary, the necessary steps required to roll out a large-scale ergonomics process and the suggested timeframe is:

  • Prepare (Year 1): Identify gaps, review policies, use the PDCA cycle or other ergonomics management system.
  • Deploy (Year 2): Provide visibility of the goals.
  • Expand (Year 3): Implement major improvements and expand your team.
  • Sustain (Year 4): Integrate a more formal continuous improvement process.
  • Enhance (Year 5): Benchmark and network with other companies.

Read the e-book, “Deploying a Large-Scale Ergonomics Process: Year by Year”.