Our Engagement Model

Most organizations today have established management systems for quality, productivity, safety, and other elements of their operations. Humantech can assist you in developing and implementing a sustainable ergonomics process that seamlessly integrates with your existing methods and culture. We achieve this through a five-step process we call our Engagement Model.


Humantech's Engagement Model


Understand where the holes are.

Whether your goal is to comply with local regulations, meet company standards, or develop a world-class ergonomics program, we help you identify the gaps between where you are and where you want to be. Our experts review your workplace improvement history, operational culture, and current needs, and then identify the opportunities that best fit your business.

Gap Analysis | Fit Analysis | Business Case


Know where you are headed.

Having worked with over one hundred Fortune 500 companies, we understand the need for flexible and scalable solutions that can handle the challenges of multiple locations and diverse geographies. Humantech experts help you establish common goals, define roles, and set performance expectations in a way that fits your unique operational footprint.

Management System | Standards | Deployment Plan | Audit Criteria


Gain the support you need.

Top management endorsement is critical to your success. We help you build the case for your initiative, and then establish the knowledge base your leaders require to keep the organization focused on the critical measures needed to reach your goals.

Endorsement | Process Ownership Workshop | Communication Plan


Get it done.

This key step transitions your organization from “preparing and learning” to “doing and sustaining”. Through our proprietary assessment and solution tools, skills development, and central online system for managing the improvement process, we help you take control of your ergonomics process. You can train, measure, report and drive improvements while reducing reliance on outside resources.

Industrial Software | Office Software | Training | RAPID Team Events


Make sure it works.

After initial implementation, it is important to ensure the system is running correctly. Humantech experts review your system against both the planned foundation elements and the known best practices of leading companies. The outcome is that both you and your leadership team understand which elements are working well and where it is necessary to develop a stronger, more effective and efficient ergonomics management system.

Audits | Process Review

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