Step 4: Deployment

Ergonomics Done Right®

The Humantech System®

The Humantech System is an all-in-one solution for managing workplace ergonomics in production and assembly environments.

By combining online training and assessment tools, expert-led site improvement events, and a powerful management database, your organization will have everything necessary to deploy, monitor, and manage the ergonomics process, from one to hundreds of locations.


Ergopoint® provides web-based training and self-assessment tools to address common areas of ergonomic concern and empowers individuals to identify issues and improve the ergonomic fit of their own workstations.

  • Highly interactive
  • Completed in less than 30 minutes
  • Includes knowledge checks
  • Can link to an LMS


Training is an essential element to ergonomics program success. The right training for the right people will ensure that your organization has the skills and methods to effectively carry out key responsibilities and achieve sustainable gains.

Humantech has developed a worldwide reputation for outstanding ergonomics education. Our training programs emphasize a hands-on approach and are custom-matched to your work environment. Easy-to-apply problem-solving methods and cost justification data ensure that your staff develops the practical knowledge to identify ergonomics challenges, find the right solutions, and gain the support needed to implement them.

RAPID Team Events®

RAPID Team Events® create rapid, simple improvements to the ergonomic condition of the workplace, allowing the ergonomics process to gain a visible foothold at the site.

RAPID Team Events are four days of focused effort that result in numerous real-time ergonomic improvements, supplemented by action plans for additional improvements and quick follow-up by your team. Because the focus is on implementing practical solutions, rather than measuring and quantifying, we utilize a truly participative approach, taking advantage of the varied skills and perspectives present in your organization. With a diverse team, workplace changes are given the attention needed to ensure their effectiveness for the long term.