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April 16th, 2008

Overburdened staff? Pick some low-hanging fruit!


A recent article in IndustryWeek by Jonathan Katz discussed the fact that heavy workloads have made it more difficult for employees to complete their given tasks on time. Profiled was a survey by LifeCare, asked 1500 of it’s clients employees:

"Looking back over 2007, what was the single biggest barrier you faced in fulfilling your job responsibilities?"

The responses (2006 results in parentheses):

      • Overloaded/didn’t have enough time to finish all tasks – 39% (40%)
      • Basic job expectations not made clear – 12% (5%)
      • Pay/rewards not appropriate – 8% (15%)
      • Child care issues – 7% (4% combined with elder care)
      • Politics/personal conflicts – 7% (11%)
      • Elder care issues – 6% (NA)
      • Didn’t have proper tools or equipment – 6% (4%)

Outside of the alarming jump in dependent care issues, there seems to be a significant amount of "low hanging fruit" to pick by getting the right tools for people and in establishing basic job instruction. Presumably, those same two barriers would seem to be direct contributors to the big issue of being overloaded.

photo credit: Tim & Selena Middleton