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September 24th, 2019

Why Smart Ergonomics Processes Fail

In past e-newsletters, I wrote about the need for building a smart ergonomics approach and elements to consider, along with how they enhance the roles of your people in your organization. A key point from those articles was that to build a smart ergonomics process, you must use a cloud-based system to electronically track assessments, direct causes, improvements, and follow-up assessments. The system must be accessible from any device, including smartphones and tablets.

In April 2019, McKinsey & Company surveyed global companies about digital transformations. Surprisingly, the results showed that few companies achieved the expected results and the rate of success was alarmingly low. So, if you’re considering a smart process, know that with these research findings, there’s a level of uncertainty and that things could potentially lead to a failed process.

Since no one likes to fail, I drafted a premortem analysis of what could go wrong:

By no means is the list above complete, and to review each item in a short article like this one is difficult. One critical item to consider before initiating a smart ergonomics process is how it will deploy and who will deploy it.

Selecting the right partner/company to work with is probably your most critical decision and could make or break your process. The right business partner should have

  • experience implementing similar processes at a scale and in an industry like yours.
  • a fully staffed implementation, customer success, technical support, and product development team. The company size will ensure a better success rate.
  • the IT security and infrastructure to store, process, and secure data, such as ergonomics assessments. These assessments could include sensitive materials like photos and videos. Ask the potential partner to have their internal privacy and security team review and investigate the roadmap for future updates and enhancements to the solution. This will ensure your partner has a strong plan to continuously improve.