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August 5th, 2011

Product Review: Cyklop ES 600A


The Cyklop ES 600A developedCyklop ES 600A by Cyklop International offers an ergonomic alternative to traditional methods of banding (Strapping) palletized product by practically eliminating the need to bend and reach.  In addition, the Cyklop ES 600A offers a large time savings (up to 50%).  Within 45 seconds, two straps can be easily wrapped and fastened around a fully loaded pallet. The Cyklop ES 600A uses a hand-crank application to launch a lance that slides under the pallet then back up on the far side of the pallet. Ultimately, the strap is returned directly back to the front of the pallet.  See a video example of the system in action here.

Ergonomic Benefits and Features:

  • Automatic guiding of the strap under and around the pallet significantly reduces back bending and awkward body postures.
  • A hard-rubber four wheel-base assists in maneuverability; especially lateral (side) and diagonal movement for restricted space access.
  • Casters with lockable brakes
  • Improved efficiency reduces physical exposure for banding/strapping tasks.


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