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June 21st, 2012

Product Review: Ergo Desktop Kangaroo Desk

Product Name:  Ergo Desktop Kangaroo Desk

Description:  The Kangaroo adjustable-height desk workstation supports both a monitor and keyboard so that you can sit or stand while working.

Ergonomic Benefits and Features:

  • Height-adjustable desk surface, providing vertical adjustability up to 15″ above your current desk surface, accommodating over 95% of the North American healthy, working-age adult population in the standing position
  • Large working surface – 28″ wide by 24″ deep to support the keyboard, mouse, and other materials
  • Easily switch between sitting and standing positions
  • Potential to be mounted to carts for use in mobile applications
  • Not permanently attached to desk top so it can be easily moved from workstation to workstation
  • Easy to assemble and setup

Potential Limitations

  • Monitor too high in seated position, 48″ above the standing surface when completely lowered (recommended height when completely lowered is 42”, the 5th percentile female seated eye height)
  • Monitor adjusts vertically 6.5″ independently of the work surface (recommend 13″ of adjustability to accommodate 95% of working population)
  • The desk surface does not tilt to allow neutral hand and wrist postures at all heights
  • No features that allow for easy cord management
  • The monitor support does not adjust in the horizontal direction, which many not accommodate various sight lines and/or special adaptations for users with bifocal corrective lenses


  • Flexible computer workstation
  • Office
  • Laptop
  • Desktop
  • Mobile workstations

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