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October 23rd, 2013

Product Review: Ergonomic Shovel

Product Name:

The Ergonomic Shovel by Bosse Tools


The Ergonomic Shovel by Bosse Tools is new product designed with a rotating center handle which allows operators to choose the orientation with which they wish to hold the shovel. The shovel also features a U-shaped foot hold which allows operators to apply a downward driving force through the center of the shovel head.

Ergonomic Benefits and Features:

  • Allows multiple orientations of front hand on shovel grip
  • Minimizes forces on the back by using the driving force of foot
  • Horizontal top handle allows for neutral wrist posture

Potential Limitations

  • Designed for the average, not adjustable. Made to accommodate those with a shoulder width of 18’’ – 20’’ and cannot adjust for the others.
  • Handle placement may decrease leverage when digging
  • Front grip may cause wrist extension resulting in weakened grip
  • Position of rotating handle must be changed for each orientation of work


  • Landscaping
  • Construction
  • Farming

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