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February 11th, 2015

Product Review: Lumo Lift

Fitness trackers have become a common item these days, for those looking to enhance their lives, get fit, and more. In 2014, we came across a unique fitness tracker which aims at getting your posture right, to promote better back health and overall well-being. We were immediately interested in what this product could mean for back health in general, and reached out to Lumo Lift, who allowed our consultants to test the product.

Lumo Lift is a posture coach and activity tracker, which delivers gentle vibrations when you want to be coached on your posture, and tracks your posture throughout the day. In addition, it tracks your steps and calories based on the sensor technology, and wirelessly delivers this data to your smartphone via an app.

Ergonomic Benefits and Features:

  • Sleek and cool look and feel, and because it is worn on the chest it can predict posture based on your self-set baseline.
  • Easy to use app and user-friendly operation after initial setup
  • Very sensitive with respect to posture and steps
  • Light and unobtrusive design can suit any user
  • Posture coach was useful when baseline was reset from office chair, rather than standing posture

Potential Limitations:

  • Can be distracting with respect to buzzes from posture coach
  • No time delays meant posture coach buzzed even when bending over to pick something up
  • Lack of visual cues on the device and packaging caused some set-up issues
  • Lack of heart rate monitor doesn’t help with metabolic input/output

The limited visual cues and all-in-one nature of the device left some users wanting more, however the ease of use and sensitivity to posture (their main claim) could be value added for some users, especially for those who sit most of the day.