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Written by: humantech on July 2nd, 2018

If you work in a lab or inspection environment, you probably spend a lot of time with a microscope.  Unfortunately, these magnification devices can be quite unfriendly when it comes to ergonomics. Neck pain and eyestrain are common complaints from frequent users of the traditional microscope. In our latest product review, we meet Craig Smith of Vision Engineering, who introduces us to the Mantis. It’s what he calls, ” a better mousetrap.” Do you use a Mantis? Let us know what you think.

2 responses to “Product Review: Mantis Stereo Microscope”

  1. William G Elliott says:

    I have recommended the Mantis scopes several times in the past and the results were quite good. The most “spectacular” case involved an employee who had spinal scoliosis surgically corrected many years previously and as she aged, the typical arthritis began to develop in her neck and upper thoracic spine. Her job required use of a stereo scope 4-6 hours per day and the arthritic pain was becoming too much for her to handle. I put a Mantis scope at her workstation and within a week, the problem was solved. They are more costly than the usual type of stereo scope; but they do relieve those cervical and upper thoracic spinal stressors for employees using a scope for long periods of time throughout the workday. In the case just mentioned, not only did it solve the problem for the individual, it kept the situation from developing into ADA litigation.

  2. Nili Walp says:

    Thank you William for your reply. We are extremely pleased your employee and your company have experienced the ergonomic benefits Mantis offers. I would be interested in hearing more about your Mantis experience. Please feel free to email me at nwalp@visioneng.com.

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