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December 19th, 2017

Product Review: mStand360 Laptop Stand

With laptops rapidly eclipsing desktops as the preferred technology in the workplace, a different set of office ergonomic issues have subsequently emerged. One is a prolonged flexed-neck posture due to a lower display screen in the laptop compared to traditional monitors. If you don’t have the space or budget to purchase an external monitor to rectify this problem, a simple solution is to use a combination of a laptop stand and an external keyboard. This 6-inch-tall mStand360 laptop stand by Rain Design is a sleek solution with the following benefits:

  • Raises laptop to better height and angle to reduce neck flexion
  • Organizes cords to clear up desktop space and use external input devices with better postures
  • Sturdy and well-balanced for a variety of models
  • Rubber bumpers prevent laptop from slipping when mounted
  • Swivels for easy screen sharing
  • No set-up time and easy to maintain
  • Aesthetically pleasing in an office space

Some potential limitations to this product include:

  • Not adjustable, may not cater to users of all statures
  • Due to its sturdiness, it’s bulky and doesn’t travel well
  • Laptops exceeding a depth of 9 inches will not be fully supported by the stand