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November 11th, 2011

Product Review: Pallet Dolly

Product Name:

Pallet Dolly


With Load Hog’s Pally, which integrates the features of both a pallet and a dolly, there is no need to wait for a forklift or operate a pallet jack. The Pally provides anLoad Hog Pally efficient way of moving goods between supply chain processes without the need for additional equipment.  This product is ideal for manually pushing goods within a grocery store or show room, as well as transporting full pallets for parts from the assembly line to the aisleway.

Ergonomic Benefits and Features:

  • Reduces the need for additional, expensive manual material handling equipment
  • Conveniently move goods and products quickly
  • Provides push/pull handle attachment for easy movement

Potential Limitations:

  • When the Pally is fully loaded (1,100 lb or 500 kg), possible ergonomic concerns include:
    • Push/pull forces that exceed physical capacities due to the small casters
    • High push/pull force since there are only four caster, rather than six casters
    • High force requirements to depress the foot pedal to engage the casters
    • Limited foot/boot access the foot pedal


  • Grocery stores
  • Product showrooms
  • Mail rooms
  • Assembly lines
  • Warehouses

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