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May 4th, 2012

Product Review: Pipette Extender

Product Name:

Bel-Art Scienceware Ergopet II Memory Adjustable Pipette Controller


Bel-Art Scienceware has created a powered pipette controller, the Ergopet II Memory Pipettor.  Although a memory pipettor is commonPipette Extender for use in laboratories, this product has the ability to extend in height to allow the pipette tip to be lifted between 4″ and 12ʺ while continuing to keep the arm in a neutral posture at the controller.  In the laboratory environment, technicians often struggle to match the proper pipette controller size and container size which can lead to awkward postures.

Ergonomic Benefits and Features:

  • The head of the pipette controller rotates up to 90 degrees (left or right) and pipette angle between vertical and 15 degrees. This can help with improving the view of graduations as well as promote neutral wrist postures.
  • Both plastic and glass pipettes can be used.
  • The design promotes a comfortable power grip and the material is light weight which reduces the required grip force.


  • Laboratory
  • Pipetting

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