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March 12th, 2013

Product Review: Pipette with ClipTip Technology

Product Name:  Thermo Scientific F1 Pipette with ClipTip Technology

Description:  Low force Pipette and Pipette Tips

Ergonomic Benefits and Features:

  • The pipettes feature new Interlock technology which is based on flexible clips positioned evenly around the top of the tip. During attachment the unique tip fitting shape opens the clips, and the clips pass over the fitting flange and return to closed position. In addition, the lock ensures the tip will not loosen, or fall off during pipetting or touch-off.
  • Each time ClipTip pipette tips are on, they are sealed.  The seal will last for as long as the tips are attached to the pipette regardless of application. Since the tips are locked with the clips they are always attached with the same force.
  • Tip ejection of the ClipTip interlocking system requires less than 50% of the force required for conical tip fitting systems. If a sufficient force level is not reached during attachment the ClipTip tips remain in the tip rack.
  • Increased precision and minimal variation between dispense volumes of different channels.
  • Handle diameter (between 1.2″ and 2.0″) comfortably fits into the palm of your hand allowing a power grip during use.

Potential Limitations

  • No sound feedback of installed tips, only visual feedback
  • The thumb extension distance seems a little too long for some users


  • Any laboratory
  • Lab environments where multiple samples are needed
  • Chemical and Petrochemical Industry. Acid resistant lab requirements.  The tip fitting is acid resistant AISI 316 steel, which is a commonly used material in appliances where corrosion resistance is needed.

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