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July 15th, 2015

Product Review: Sano Liftkar® HD Stairclimber

Product Name:
Sano Liftkar® HD Stairclimber

Sano has developed a series of stair climbing dollies that have a wide range of weight capacities, ranging from a fold-up compact unit up to heavy duty models that can transport up to 330 kg.

Ergonomic Benefits and Features:
• Aluminum frame promotes stability. Units weight between 38 kg and 44 kg (with battery)
• 2-speed, powered unit with hand controls and braking system. Climbs between 6 and 10 steps per minute.
• The 4-wheeled model folds down to support entire weight of load.
• Puncture-proof tiresPowered Stair Climber - Sano
• Available add-ons and accessories to be customizable for variety of applications.

Potential Limitations:
• Weight of stair climber may make it difficult to lift in and out of a vehicle.
• Requires pulling versus pushing when going up the stairs.

• Vending machines
• Food and beverage crates
• Office equipment (e.g. photocopiers)
• Healthcare patient transport
• Furniture

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