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Product Review: Retrofit Kits Make Workstations Height-Adjustable

Michigan-based LTW Ergonomics is focused on making work fit the worker. In this video, President and Founder Jon Lanphear highlights the company’s retrofit kits that convert standard, non-adjustable equipment into height-adjustable versions with just a  few quick attachments. Check out the video below.

Product Review: Rapid Change Technology Workstation

Collaborative robots are more and more prevalent in today’s manufacturing environments. But collaboration with workers requires adjustments for our different sizes.  VelocityEHS ergonomist Bianca Sfalcin talks to John Lanphear of LTW Ergonomics about the company’s RCT Workstation, which helps workers easily interact with collaborative robots at the correct height. 

Product Review: Loading Dock Levelers

VelocityEHS’ Humantech ergonomist Jonathan Valencia speaks with Chad Dillavou of Rite-Hite about the company’s loading dock levelers, which help to alleviate the “dock shock” or whole body vibration caused by bumps and gaps in loading dock areas.

To Balance Board or Not to Balance Board?

There are plenty of office products on the market that advertise as being “ergonomic” and claim to provide a variety of health benefits. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell which products will pay off and which will be used once and never touched again. Balance boards have traditionally been used in the rehabilitation and … Continued

Product Feature: BOSTONtec Customized Fulfillment Workstation

Kendra Perdeaux, certified ergonomist for VelocityEHS’s Humantech brand recently traveled to Midland, Michigan to visit BOSTONtec, a manufacturer of modular workstations and custom solutions. Rob Doucette, applications engineer for BOSTONtec, describes his favorite features of this fulfillment workstation. Watch the video below!

Product Review: ergoCentric Sit Stand

Ergonomist Josiah Allen of VelocityEHS’ Humantech interviews Ken Hammond of ergoCentric Seating Systems about their popular Sit Stand Chair.

Product Review: Rotacaster Wheels

Ergonomist Josiah Allen of VelocityEHS’ Humantech interviews Peter McKinnon of Rotacaster and Steve Bakich of Magnus Mobility Systems about these omni-directional wheels that reduce push and pull forces in carts, conveyors, and other wheeled equipment.

Product Review: Eidos Model 112 TaskMaster

For access to jobs that require low clearance, the Eidos Model 112 TaskMaster might be just the thing you need. This heavy-duty work positioner on wheels is easy to adjust and move. Humantech’s Jonathan Valencia takes a closer look in this product review.

Product Review: Dectron Kaizen Arms

Proper placement of tooling and equipment is critical to reducing MSD risk and improving productivity in industrial environments, and Dectron USA makes it easier with their Kaizen Arms.  Humantech ergonomist Kendra Perdeaux takes a closer look at this modular support system.   

Product Review: LifeDesk SmartLegs

Humantech’s Josiah Allen takes a closer look at SmartLegs by LifeDesk. The legs replace original desk legs to allow the worksurface to adjust to a sit-to-stand workstation. Their unique telescoping design raises or lowers the desk to settings unique to each user. The user can control the settings with a custom app. Check it out! … Continued