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July 18th, 2012

Q&A From Ergonomics Assessment Tool Kit Webinar

by Jeff Sanford, CPE

Thank you to those of you who attended yesterday’s live webinar, “Your Ergonomics Assessment Tool Kit”. As promised, we’ve answered the questions you posed during the event. Please let us know if you have additional questions.

Q: ­When you are doing a walk-through evaluation, do you always get employees to sign a photo release?­

The answer to this will vary by company. Generally speaking, if the picture is going to be distributed to a large audience (i.e. promotional material, corporate newsletter), then it would be a good idea to get a photo release signed.  If the picture is going to stay in-house and be used only as communication at the plant level, then a verbal agreement is usually all that is needed.   Regardless of the situation, always be respectful of the person in the shot and ask them if they are comfortable being in the picture.

Q: ­What charts do you use to determine ideal light for various situations­?

Here are a few resources:

–          OSHA’s minimum illumination tables

–          IES recommended luminance levels

–          Humantech’s Handbook of Ergonomic Design Guidelines


Q: ­What type of lights do you recommend in office setting?­

Full-spectrum, indirect lighting is best in the office to provide the proper luminance and reduce the likelihood of glare.  Josh Kerst, VP at Humantech, recently did a TV interview on the aging workforce and he does a great job explaining the impact of lighting.   Check it out here.

Q: ­Will you be sending us a list of the different assessment tools that were presented (LUBA, OCRA, etc.)?­

Yes, everyone that attended the webinar will receive a document outlining the assessment tools and summarizing the data collection equipment discussed on the webinar.

Q: ­Will you be covering ergonomics for drivers and their seat adjustments?­

Unfortunately this is not one of the items on our planned agenda, but we certainly can discuss specific questions you have by emailing one of us: Jeff – or Christy –